My 1st workshop

Published: 03.02.14 by SingleAdopter

As part of stage one in the process you are invited by your adoption agency to attend a series of workshops; I went to my 1st one last week, it was on attachment separation & loss. As with anything new I approached it with intrigue, a little bit of trepidation and lots of positivity, & I couldn’t help but wonder what the other prospective adopters would be like, in particular, would there be any other single adopters like me? Yes, there were two, how exciting. I happened to sit next to one, so had a chat with her during the break to share where we both were on the journey: that’s one thing I’ve noticed, it is a completely individual journey: whilst you may physically be in the same place ie. going through the process together, albeit maybe at slightly different stages, the reasons for & the emotional journey that goes with it may put you at a different place. Some are going through it with trepidation, however, me being me, I’m going at it at full speed, within reason. Yes, this has been the hardest decision I’ve had to make, but now I’ve made it, I’m keen to progress & see where it leads. Anyway, back to the workshop, another funny thing happened – I knew someone there! What a small world; I wasn’t sure at 1st as I hadn’t seen him for around 15 years & after 2 hours of thinking, I’m sure it’s you I finally asked & he thought the same. And before you ask, no! He was dating a friend at the time. I’ve digressed again, so what was the workshop like? It was run by two of the borough’s Social Workers, who had planned a very engaging event. We were asked to think about a time when we had lost something & then think about how we felt at the time? How long did that feeling last? Who did we turn to? How did we behave? Plus lots more. It was all about trying to put yourself in the situation, as best as you can, of the little person/people you may one day be responsible for in trying to understand the journey that they have been through before they come to live with you. I have to say, rightly so, it is incredibly thought provoking, there is so much to think about; not just from a practical point of view but an emotional one too, & not just about you, more importantly about the little person.