In it for the long haul?

Published: 10.04.15 by monty

Daisy is just over halfway through Year 6 at school now and, of course, we had 'The E-Mail' a couple of weeks ago, telling us that she has got a place at the local secondary school. It's Outstanding. It received a standing Ofsted ovation, if such a thing were possible. It's an Academy. It's a Science and Technology Specialist School. The head teacher wears a snappy suit and boasts of things call "A stars" that they didn't have when I was at school (or maybe they did, and I just never got any!).

But after the trials of primary school we're still not sure how well Daisy will be catered for there. Her learning difficulties and ASD have not gone away, and the school still seem determined to make the round peg fit the square hole they have prepared for her.

The shocking thing for us, as parents, is the realisation that Daisy is no longer the delightful, burbling toddler that she once was, nor the sweet little Reception-age girl that trotted off to school in her shiny new uniform. Nope, she's now halfway through her school days and, in a few years time, will be heading off into the big, bad world... or, as we suspect, heading back into our house in some kind of semi-independent adult capacity.

That realisation, in turn, made me realise that we're never going to stop loving Daisy (nor Rosie for that matter), never going to stop worrying about her, never going to collapse on the sofa, high-fiving each other and saying "Job done!". Like birth parenthood in this one respect - adoption is parenthood for life. But some of our kids have uncertain futures ahead of them, which we will share with them. Go Daisy! - let's hope and pray that the Life Satnav update is available by the time you leave your next school.