Finally moving to Stage 2

Published: 06.06.14 by SingleAdopter

One of the many things I’ve learnt as I progress through the Adoption Process is we are all on a personal journey; which, often, is not controlled by ourselves, so you have to take the rough with the smooth, be patient & try not, as difficult as it may be, to compare your process too closely to others.

They are ALL different, even if they are going through the same LA/agency as you. The new process is great; very clearly laid out with time guidelines which suggest stage one will take eight weeks, & 16 weeks for stage two. Done & dusted then in six months then? For some maybe, but the key word is guidelines, so I’ve had to manage my expectations. For someone who likes to know where they are going & when, it has been a bit of a personal challenge, but nothing compared to what I’m sure is to come so best start the steep learning curve now.

Having duly filled out all the forms, completed the various diagrams, got references, read lots (ok, maybe not lots – see Overwhelmed by Books blog), had a medical, finally received my much awaited DBS & attended two Prep Group courses, I then played a waiting game until such a time I could meet up with my SW, which was last Friday.

I officially signed a form stating my desire to continue with the journey & move into stage two. It’s a step closer, maybe just a baby one, moving me closer to my dream.