Feeling drained after Prep Groups, but in a good way

Published: 18.05.14 by SingleAdopter

Yesterday I finished my 2nd 2-day Prep Group (for some they will be called workshops) as part of the adoption process & I came home exhausted, but in a good way. For me, being quite active, I’m more used to a physical exhaustion & don’t get my wrong I’ve have my fair share of emotional ones too, but the big difference with emotional ones is that they can take you by surprise.

Yesterday was a case in point. During the 1st group a couple of months ago there was lots of excitement & trepidation as I didn’t know what to expect, although some twitter friends suggested I should take some tissues, which I duly did. Yes that course was incredibly emotional too, but for me in a different way.

We spoke about the different types of trauma children may have gone through in their early weeks/months/years & they ask you to share as much as you feel you are able to about your own experiences of trauma so you can try & imagine how a child may feel, so far from a ‘light hearted’ discussion, which provoked a lot of emotions.

So why did I feel more drained & why did yesterday take me by surprise? Was it the topic? Was I more prepared for it? Did I handle the emotions better? Did I compartmentalise my feelings? Yes probably a bit to all of the above.

Yesterday’s topic for the day was ‘matching’, so whilst that played a part, it was for other reasons too. So far, anything I have read & seen (except for the recent TV programmes as that’s a whole different story), I’ve managed to absorb without becoming too emotionally involved as it has seemed a distant dream, but yesterday, looking at some children’s profiles as an illustration for the group to consider what other information they would like to know & similarly what information the child(ren)’s social worker would like to know about you, as you consider each other as a potential match, that dream came a step closer.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still way in the horizon as I’ve got a long way to go (I’m still waiting for my panel date), but these were real children & this is exactly the types of decisions, thoughts, considerations that I would need to make & for those to make about me.

Wow! Big gulp. Breathe. How scary is that? My heart is back in my mouth as I’ve just been through another loop-the-loop on the roller coaster journey. So yes, yesterday took me by surprise, I came home exhausted, but in a good way.