Everyone talks about matching at the end of the process but...

Published: 22.01.14 by SingleAdopter

Having made the decision, done some research, attended the Alternative Parenting Show & got some advice; I merrily & naively thought that I would just contact my local authority & expected to go through the process with them. I duly attended their information evening, met one of their social workers for over 3 hours – just part of the formality I thought - then spent the next 3 weeks on tenterhooks awaiting to find out if I had been accepted or not. I wasn’t. This wasn’t what I was expecting. After the initial, what’s wrong with me thoughts, I took heed of their advice: whilst there is nothing wrong with me, I hope, or them, it’s good to check out different agencies 1st & find one that best suits your needs & you think you get a good rapport with. I then spent a morning contacting other agencies until I found the one, that I believe, suits both my needs & theirs: go with your gut is all I can advise!