'Birth Mum?'

Published: 30.10.14 by clowny14

During the 2wks 'maternity' leave for my hubs we introduced sweetpea to the area we live. I was still being ignored and everything I did wasn't good enough from making meals to bedtime routines. Going out with her was difficult mainly because I wasn't involved, so any photos from that time have a strange looking woman hovering in the distance staring into space.

Once hubs went back to work it got a lot more intense and she spent most of her time shouting at me. I tried various well known methods that we all know so well, none of which worked. Then one day Sweetpea came and asked to play mummy and baby with a doll. Sweetpea talked me through the birth like a mid-wife, half-hour later I was lying on the sofa exhausted after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl with the biggest smile,eyes like saucers and made of plastic.

Sweetpea guided me through the breast feeding process (PC of course) helped me up and said she would visit me at home. I asked Sweetpea if she would like to be my real baby. After feeding her with a bottle and wrapping her in a blanket I rocked her to sleep. For the first time in months I felt some real affection towards her.

However this wasn't the beginning of a beautiful mother daughter relationship it was insight into just how complex her needs would become.