Am I a Mum Yet

Published: 29.10.14 by clowny14

The first time we met our daughter in the summer of 2013 we couldn't find her, using my best well pitched mummy voice I wondered where she was. Suddenly from behind the sofa a big pair of eyes and a toothy smile emerged.

Climbing out of her safe place our Sweetpea gave my husband a cuddle looked at me then... IGNORED ME!

That was how it continued during those ten days of transition, everywhere we went I was ignored and my name was replaced with 'Smelly banana lady', 'Devil woman' and too many more to mention.

I did my best to understand that it would take time for Sweetpea to cope with the confusion of a forever family, after all she had been in care with the same foster family for nearly 3 years.

Then the BIG MOVE came and thinking that I could use my past skills and experience working with children was soon to be put to the test.