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I grew up in Belfast and lived abroad for twenty years, upon my return to England I met and married my husband who is 22 years younger than me. I am retired and we decided to adopt and now have an 8-year-old girl who was placed with us when she was seven and I was 61. My blog is about the ups and downs of being an older first time mum.


I'm a newly approved adopter who, along with my husband and birth child, are about to start the matching process.
I'd really like to share our journey from matching through to home life and hope that our experiences are interesting and helpful to other adopters and potential adopters.

I plan to write honestly but with humour, it's been a roller coaster of emotions so far and I would really love for you to come along for the ride.


I'm hoping to become a single Mum through adoption; a massive decision that I didn't expect to have to make, but now I have I am incredibly excited & obviously a little bit anxious as I step into this unknown world. I am writing this blog to share my journey; I will write with honesty as I continue to learn, which will hopefully inspire & a whole lot more.


I am Sally. Rob and I adopted our two children from UK Social Services seven years ago. Together we have been through it all and now I am writing and blogging about the realities of raising adopted children. I strive to write honestly and humorously on the small things and the big issues and everything in between. So if anyone has ever said to you 'well all children do that don't they?', you might find something to interest you in my posts.

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Galapagos. I love animals and am interested in natural history...hence my online username!! My hubby and I were approved to adopt a young child towards the end of 2011. We have been linked with a child but are awaiting decisions regarding matching panel etc. At the moment we have very little information to go on but we hope to get more soon. I wanted to write a blog to give an indication of what it is like waiting for a child post approval as the experience is very different from the assessment phase.... no more weekly visits from the social worker and no more assessment driven house cleaning!!

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Here's a little bit about us. We are hoping that our simple country outdoor life, with spaniels and canal walks, will be a healing environment for children who have had a difficult start - who knows how it will work out for any of us - what we do know is that we're pretty determined. I work in the corporate world (not for long hopefully) and hubby is a psychologist. Hubby tells me I can go on a bit when I think out loud. I'm hoping that this blog will help stop me sending him into a coma - and also hopefully resonate with some people out there who are at similar stages.

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In spite of my username, I'm not a Trekkie!

However, I'm a dad to three wonderful children who, together with my wife, we adopted some time ago. Now in their teens, we, and indeed family and friends, have seen our children flourish from very young children in desperate need of love, care, attention and direction; to seemingly 'normal' teens with very similar interests and behaviours to their peers.

We've had an amazing journey together so far, with plenty of tales and experiences to share in due course. The journey is never over and each day brings new and exciting challenges (which frankly, most parents endure to some degree or other, don't they?) For us, particular challenges have been around education and ensuring our children have had their particular needs met. We're not there yet, but having persevered and thrown every ounce of energy into doing battle with head teachers in particular, we're getting there - one day at a time.

This blog will be a reflection of the past, a snapshot of the present, and dotted with our hopes and aspirations for the days ahead as a family. Having served in the Army I am now a politician/lawyer with a keen interest in children's rights - I'm also an active adoption panel member for a local authority. My wife (herein know as the 'the Major') works at the sharp end of children's social work. We love adventuring as a family and believe in giving our children every possible opportunity to explore and discover who they are through a variety of activities and social interests

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Approved in December and recently matched my husband and I are preparing to meet our son and daughter for the first time in three weeks.

This blog will share our journey from our first meeting, to coming home and then into the future. Hoping others will be interested to hear our experiences in adopting older siblings.


Welcome to my blog. I am a married adoptive dad with two children adopted through our council. Daisy, placed with us in 2005 has learning difficulties and autistic spectrum disorder – but at the same time is a wonderful little girl with a lovely 'light' personality. Rosie was 8 months when she came to us in 2007 and has less obvious challenges; however she experienced trauma before becoming part of our family. She is also wonderful and full of life.

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