Make Your Birthday Count

Do something amazing for your next birthday. Ask for donations to Adoption UK instead of gifts and help us secure more support for adopted children and adoptive families. 

By 'donating your birthday' in this way, your wonderful generosity will help us continue to campaign for adopted children's needs in areas such as education services and in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).  The more funds we raise, the more support we can secure.

Adoption UK member Suzie chose to ‘celebrate and donate’ on her last birthday and raised over £250 – enough to print 7,000 information leaflets! Read more on Suzie's story on our Meet the Fundraisers page...


Celebrations and donations - fundraise your way

Setting up an online fundraising page and sharing the link with friends, family and colleagues is a great way to let people know how you wish to mark your birthday. It also provides an easy and secure way for them to make their donation.  

But you don’t have to collect donations online. If you love to throw a party, how about a collection on the night? Our fundraising pack is full of ideas, information and resources to help you put on a fantastic fundraiser. 

Pledge your birthday today using the below form and help us make sure all 365 days of 2017 count for adopted children.    

I want to make my birthday count: