Andrew and Carla

Adoptive parents Andrew and Carla applied to the Adoption Support Fund for support for their daughter Rosie. 

Rosie has a history of severe neglect and emotional harm. 

Thanks to the Adoption Support Fund, she and her parents are able to take part in fortnightly therapeutic sessions. The sessions will involve helping Rosie, with the support of her parents, to make sense of her past experiences and how they continue to impact her. 

The sessions will be supplemented with a minimum of weekly phone calls, texts or emails and a written summary of the session along with suggestions of what this means in terms of parenting Rosie. The therapists have suggested that the work is agreed for a minimum of six months, to run alongside parent mentor work, with a review midway and at the end of the six months. 

The parent mentor sessions are aimed at consolidating work that has already been carried out with Carla and to help Andrew embrace therapeutic parenting in his day to day parenting. It is hoped they will be able to work better together in parenting their children. It is also intended to integrate the work with Rosie into Andrew and Carla's understanding of her parenting needs. 

Carla said: "As an adoptive mum it's hard to know what to do sometimes - but it's good to know that if you find the therapy that you think will help, the Local Authority can apply to the ASF to fund this."

A Local Authority spokesperson said: "When assessing an adoptive family's needs and concluding that therapeutic support is needed, it is reassuring for the family and the worker to know that there is a fund specifically aimed at supporting adoptive families to improve relationships with the ultimate aim of keeping those families together."