From Both Sides: evaluating education support for previously looked after children in England

As a part of Adoption UK's Equal Chance campaigning, we are calling for adopted children to be given an equal chance to learn. Our latest report reveals that current support measures in schools for previously looked after children are not working, and makes recommendations we believe would have a real impact.

Please find the link to the recording of our From Both Sides report launch discussion here

Please find links to the presentations given by our panellists below:

• Rebecca Brooks: From Both Sides report key findings and recommendations

• Dr Andrew Brown: Alex Timpson Attachment and Trauma Programme in Schools

• Jacqueline Marsh: EPAC and SGO Education Plans

Please read our report – including recommendations for change - here

Why is this important?

For tens of thousands of adopted children in the UK, the reality of school or college is a daily struggle for survival. As a result, too many are failing academically. Many families who weren’t planning to home school are turning to it as a last resort. 

Traumatised children need a different approach to learning – one that prioritises wellbeing and relationships. And research shows that these approaches help every child to learn. 

We are calling on governments in all four nations of the UK to rethink our education system. 

What can you do?

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We want governments to:  

  • Make an automatic presumption that every adopted child will need extra support for learning.  
  • Provide trauma training for all education professionals 
  • Revise special needs frameworks to recognise conditions common to adopted children, such as FASD and attachment disorder 

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Our Research

We have growing evidence of the challenges adopted children face with learning: