St. David's Children's Society

Address: 28 Park Place

Postcode: CF10 3BA

Website: http://www.adoptionwales.org/

Email: info@stdavidscs.org

Telephone: 029 20667007

Region: South-Wales

Other Region: North-Wales

Adoption UK (Wales) and the St. David's Children Society have established a partnership to ensure that every adoptive family receives first class support from the early stages of their adoption journey until the children grow up.

Research has shown that adoptive parents find it easier to accept support and advice from other adopters. The basis of this partnership is to use experienced adoptive parents who are recruited and trained as volunteers and paid staff to offer the following services to other adopters:

  • A network of support groups across Wales.
  • A helpline offering information and advice on all aspects of adoption.
  • Training courses on topics such as parenting adopted teenagers, children who struggle with school, complexities of contact.
  • Family Fun Days.
  • Access to a library of adoption related books and DVDs
  • One to one support for families facing particular challenges, including buddying schemes.

The partnership will ensure that every newly formed family has a network of supportive other adoptive families around them with opportunities for as much or as little contact as they want during their adoption journey. Instead of waiting for difficulties to happen, this will mean that families know where to turn when they have questions which perhaps don't seem to warrant taking up a social workers valuable time.

'We see this exciting new partnership as setting a benchmark for first class adoption support in Wales.' says Ann Bell, Development Manager Adoption UK.

'Placing agencies trust adoptive families to parent adopted children for the rest of their natural lives. This partnership aims to empower and enable adopters by assisting in the development, design and delivery of a support service that meets their needs. We are confident that this partnership will support children and families throughout their lives.' Gerry Cooney, Chief Executive, St. David's Children Society