Disappointment takes a lot of planning. Unrealistic and rigid expectations can lead to frustration, anger, sadness and worse.
In this webinar Helen offers concepts, models and tools to support you being more flexible, enabling you to embrace the inevitable changes and challenges which adoption brings. It illustrates reasons for rethinking your approach and actions for everyone’s benefit.

Whether you are an experienced adopter or just thinking about adoption, there is useful information, models, tools and practical strategies for you and your children including:
• the power of preframing and reframing
• practical change models
• how you can change your responses and why it’s so important
• benefit of stepping into other people’s shoes
• avoiding the enemies to happiness
• parenting models

Helen Oakwater is an adoptive parent, coach, trainer, speaker and author.

She adopted a sibling group in the early 90s, held various roles in the adoption field including membership of Government Task Force, two LA adoption panels, Adoption UK Local Coordinator and Trustee.

Naturally curious, she searched diverse fields to understand her children’s behaviour, tools for healing and her own personal development. This includes global travel to learn from the best, deliver workshops internationally and have some fun. She is a Coach, NLP Trainer, IEMT Practitioner, and mBIT Master Coach.

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