The power of story telling and metaphor cannot be underestimated. This combined with touch creates an incredibly powerful language that reaches deep into the unconscious of the recipient and begins to install new neural pathways. Story massage can be used very effectively to help your child embrace their life story.

This webinar discusses: 

  • Touch and its importance to emotional and physical wellbeing (with safer caring in mind)  
  • The role of oxytocin 
  • How to be with a touch defensive child 
  • Story massage and the power of metaphor 
  • Embedding powerful messages into stories 
  • Creating stories for your child 

Gill has twenty years experience teaching stress management to industry and also owned at the same time, the UK’s largest school of massage, the combination of which developed her interest in the mind/body connection.  

Having been a foster carer, Gill adopted a very challenging child as a single Mum in 2011, causing everything to change, including professionally and led Gill to study Neuro-Agility, Rhythmic Movement Training and Non-Violent Resistance. She now provides specialist resilience, behaviour and attachment training and mentors parents and carers. 


She and her son have benefitted hugely from DDP, rhythmic movement and NVR. Gills’ personal experience of trauma, child to parent violence, attachment disorder and blocked care, provides her with a unique empathy and understanding for other parents and carers.   

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