Becky Brooks is Adoption UK's Education Policy Advisor. In this webinar she and the expert panellists will give an overview of why transitions can be so difficult for care-experienced children before moving on to answer questions from participants.

Adoption UK is delighted to be able to offer educators an informed, professional view to support you to help the children you work with.

Mary Meredith
Mary spent over twenty years working in secondary schools as English teacher, SENCO and senior leader before moving into an LA role as Lincolnshire's Head of Inclusion. She can be found on Twitter @marymered and blogs about school practice that enables children and young people impacted by relational and developmental trauma to flourish. She contributes regularly to the TES and has promoted a growth of inclusive practice in Lincolnshire that has driven down the rate of exclusion, against a rising national tide.

Gemma Burns
Dr Gemma Burns is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and has over ten years’ experience working with children and families within the NHS in Wales. At an early stage in her career, Gemma became interested in working with children who had experienced developmental trauma, considering how best to support these children and their carers to develop healing relationships. Gemma began working with the South East Wales Adoption Service in 2014 and has worked closely with this team to develop a psychological service for adoptive families within Gwent. More recently Gemma has begun leading a team of educational and clinical psychologists who are currently developing a whole school approach to wellbeing in the Gwent region

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