Adoption Today's June edition

Articles in the June 2017 edition: 

  • Introducing Adoption UK’s new chief executive: Sue Armstrong Brown
    "First of all I’d like to say how honoured I am to be entrusted with the leadership of Adoption UK, at this pivotal time in the organisation’s history."
  • The Early Days - resources, tips and insights. 
    You’ve attended the training, you’ve read the books, you’ve finished decorating the house and you’re ready to welcome your child, or children, home.
  • We love them like our own
    Paula, a foster carer, describes life with two little girls who are thinking about what it might be like when they move in with their ‘forever families’.
  • Why am I not feeling how I thought I would feel?
    In the weeks after his children moved in Stormfluker experienced huge and unexpected doubts. He shares them here in order to shine a light on what the sudden shock of becoming an adoptive parent was like and how he was able to come through it and look forward to building a family.
  • That I loved people was worth nothing
    C, an adult adoptee describes his move from his foster parents to his adoptive parents and asks why the positive relationships of children in care can be so easily discarded.
  • ‘We were overwhelmed’
    Sophie Ashton and her husband felt ready to accept an adopted child into their family but the reality of that transition was very different to the theory. Sophie writes about the emotional shock and panic they felt and how they came through it.
  • Hope after an adoption breakdown?
    Feelingmumyet is mum number five to her two children, who had previously experienced breakdowns in foster placements and an adoption placement breakdown. She explains the additional challenges of parenting children for whom ‘forever’ is not a word to be trusted.

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