Adoption Today's February 2018 edition

Articles in the February 2018 edition:AT February edition cover

  • An introduction from our new editor
    In her first edition, find out why the new editor Jill Turner is excited to be taking the reins. You can get to know Jill by reading the interview she took part in with Adoption UK here.
  • Q&A with Emma Lewell-Buck
    In an exclusive Q&A, the Shadow Minister for Children & Families tells us how she would improve adopted children's access to mental health services and thanks adoptive parents for what they do.
  • An Open Letter to the 'School Gate'
    Voice coach, TV presenter and adoptive mother, Carrie Grant, speaks bravely about the pain of rejection suffered by many adoptees.
  • Adopter Voice - Two Years On
    In 2015 the Department for Education funded our Adopter Voice pilot to ensure families helped shape local authority and agency practice. Two years on, we reflect on its achievements.

  • An adoptee's experiences at school
    David Neville tells Adoption Today about the difficulties he faced at school and how public speaking has improved his self-confidence after receiving a standing ovation at Adoption UK's annual conference back in November.
  • Rugby player hails adoptive mother as his hero
    Danny Ligairi-Badham tells us how it his adoptive mother who is his real hero rather than his birth father who served in the Special Air Service (SAS).

  • Parents secure nurturing school place for daughter after legal battle
    The parents of an adopted girl have secured an education for their daughter at a small, private school, following an arduous legal battle with their local authority.


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