Adoption Today's December 2017 edition

AT Dec 2017 coverArticles in the December 2017 edition:

  • Your AUK... Your say
    In October we brought together all the recent Adoption Today articles about parenting children with aggressive behaviours and published them as a free resource on our website. Here’s what you had to say..
  • Q&A with Jamie Baulch
    Olympian, World Champion andadoptee, Jamie Baulch became thelatest addition to Adoption UK’s teamof ambassadors earlier this year.
  • Life Story Work
    Ingrid Ayling is a Child and Family Therapist who specialises in working with adoptive and foster families. She provides training and consultancy to professionals and is the Life Story Co-ordinator at PAC-UK.
  • Life Journey Materials in Wales – a new approach
    The National Adoption Service (NAS) for Wales was launched in November 2014 with the aim of improving adoption services. One of our priority areas has been life journey work.

  • Jigsaw of truth: why, what and how
    Helen Oakwater writes about the importance of truth telling in helpingadopted children to develop a deep understanding of their life story.
  • Shame - how it can be the cause of behavioural problems and what parents can do to help
    Drama therapist and manager of Clinical Partners Adoption Support Agency, Rebecca Peacock, addresses the role of shame for children and gives some advice for parents on how to help.

  • Doing it differently - New Year’s Resolutions
    Does Christmas take you to the edge of your resolve? Does the thought of having to lose a stone, give up carbs or organise your loft bring tears to your eyes? Us too. Here’s some resolutions that will ease in 2018 because let’s face it, at this time of yearwe need to be more and not less kind to ourselves
  • The advantages and challenges of placing adopted siblings together
    This year National Adoption Week in England was themed around siblings. Practice Manager at PAC-UK Catherine Marcus examines the complexities of sibling

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