Adopter Voice forums - acronyms

Here are some helpful definitions of key acronyms you might see or want to use when your posting on the Adopter Voice forums:


AC - Adopter Champion
AD - Adopted daughter
ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder
ADM - Agency Decision Maker
ALB - Adoption Leadership Board
AO - Adoption order
AS - Adopted son
ASD - Autistic spectrum disorder
ASF - Adoption Support Fund
AVC - Adopter Voice Champion


BD - Birth daughter
BF - Birth family or Birth father
BM - Birth mother


CAMHS - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
CAO - Child Accommodation Orders
CC - County Council
CIC - Children in Care
CO - Care order
CP - Child protection
CPV - Child to parent violence


DC - Direct contact
DCS - Director of Children Services
DDP - Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
DfE - Department for Education
DT - Designated teacher

E - K

EAG - Expert Advisory Group
EP - Educational psychologist
EPAC - Education Plan for Adopted Children
FAS(D) - Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (diagnosis)
FC - Foster carer
FF - Family finder
I(A)A - Independent (adoption) agency
IRO - Independent reviewing officer

L - O

LA - Local authority
LAC - Looked after children
LB - Letterbox (as in letterbox contact)
MP - Matching panel
NVR - Non-violent resistance

P - R

PAR - Prospective Adopters Report
PAS - Post-adoption services/support
PC - Parent consultant
PEP - Personal Education Plan
POC - Parenting Our Children course
PPP or PP+ - Pupil Premium Plus
RALB - Regional Adoption Leadership Board


SALT Speech and language therepay/therapist
S20 Section 20
SENCO Special Education Needs coordinator
SGO Special Guardianship Order
SW Social worker

T - Z

TA - Teaching Assistant
VS - Virtual School
VSH - Virtual School Head