The impacts of traumatic experiences in early childhood can last a lifetime. Relationships, learning and health can all be affected. In recent AUK research, 36% of families were experiencing severe difficulties. 64% had experienced violent or aggressive behaviour from their child.

Despite all these challenges, the majority of adopters would encourage others to adopt. These families are remarkably committed and resilient.

And yet most say they face a continual struggle to get the support they need. That’s just not fair.

Whether that’s specialist therapeutic help, support in school or peer support from other more experienced adopters, we owe it to these families to get them the right support at the right time, every time.

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One of the most consistent outcomes of the Barometer Report is that more training for education and mental health professionals is needed to better understand the trauma that adopted people and their families can face. Counselling is often seen as a 'tick box' exercise and getting access to specialist therapeutic help and support can be a challenge.

The Adoption UK Barometer Report



 We have a clear set of recommendations for governments, based on our research: 

  • Every adopted child to have a robust therapeutic support plan in place from day one, revised annually
  • Ensure local authorities can always fund the therapeutic support families need, when they need it
  • Give all professionals around the adopted child – teachers, social workers, doctors – the right training, so they can give the right therapeutic support


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