Adopted people have a unique perspective on adoption, and their views are vital in shaping adoption policy and practice. Adopted people also deserve lifetime support for the impact of early childhood experiences.

Our vision is an equal chance of a bright future for every child unable to live with their birth parents. When we talk about a bright future, we’re thinking of the adults those adopted children will become. We work with the whole adoption community – adopters and adopted people, as well as the social workers, teachers and other professionals around them. We also work with the individuals, families and professionals involved in other forms of permanence such as kinship.  

An evolving programme 

We have always worked with adopted adults – now we want to do more. We want to increase our work with adopted adults to improve the policies and practices that affect the adoption community. We also want to help them access the support they need - many adopted adults have ongoing support needs resulting from health conditions and from their early childhood experiences. We also want to provide them with a community who ‘get them’. Many people who are in some way touched by adoption benefit from connecting with others with similar experiences. We want to connect adopted adults with people like them.  

We also work with adopted young people  

We are building up our work with adopted young people across the UK – both in terms of providing support and community, and in terms of sharing opportunities to influence adoption policy and practice. We'll be announcing more soon aso stay tuned to this page for more information. 

Many adopted adults are still living with the impacts of trauma, and with neurological conditions. We take their wellbeing seriously.  

We have a set of principles that guide all our work with people who have lived experience of adoption. These include respecting people’s privacy and safety, protecting people from discrimination, bullying or prejudice, and caring for people properly before, during and after we work with them. We also have a safeguarding policy, which sets out how we operate when there are concerns for the safety of an individual we are engaging with.  

If you want to get involved, what’s the first step?  

We want the future of our work with adopted adults to be shaped by them. If you’re an adopted adult and would like to help us shape the future, please consider joining in the conversation. We have already held three listening events attended by over 60 adopted adults to listen to their experiences and find out what was most Important to them.

We continue to have conversations with organisations and Individuals who are already supporting adopted adults to see where AUK can add value and fill In gaps In services.

In the New Year we will publish a report setting out our plans to develop new services and If It seems the right thing to do we will create a bespoke membership offer for adoptees.

We would like to set up an advisory group of adopted adults who can help us develop these services and we will be contacting everyone who has been Involved so far to Invite them to join the advisory group. 

If you haven't already been Involved but would like to be part of this then please register your interest