Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide support and give a voice to adoptive families

We offer the benefit of peer support, using a deeper level of understanding from experienced adoptive parents, enabling adopters and prospective adopters to benefit from those further along the path of adoption.

All adopted children have suffered the loss of being separated from their birth families.

Unfortunately many have experienced neglect and/or abuse in those families. Early trauma at a crucial time in their lives can lead to emotional, behavioural, educational and development difficulties. This in turn may affect their ability to form secure relationships in the future.

We are uniquely placed to raise awareness and understanding of the complexities of adoption by combining the knowledge and expertise from leading authorities in the field with the real-life experiences of adoptive parents.

We take the latest research and findings in child development and neuroscience and translate them into practical strategies for parents.

We offer a non-judgemental and safe environment in which to share the challenges and rewards of adoptive parenting. As a large community of adoptive parents we also have a strong voice and thus power to influence and challenge current prevailing beliefs amongst governments and the public.

Read Adoption UK's Statement of Purpose.