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Tessa Sanderson CBE

A gold-medal winning Olympian, a legendary broadcaster and a West End musical star reveal why they have all agreed to become ambassadors for Adoption UK.

Olympic gold medallist and adoptive parent, Tessa Sanderson CBE was the first high profile name to agree to become an ambassador for Adoption UK.

Tessa won gold in the women’s javelin at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles and became a mother at the age of 58 when she and her husband, fellow Olympian, Densign White adopted twins.

Tessa and Densign were interviewed in Hello magazine and a number of national newspapers in 2016 about their decision to adopt their twins later in life.

'Champion Adoption UK’s campaigns'

Tessa, who competed in six Olympic Games between 1976 and 1996, said: “As an adoptive parent myself, I understand the issues facing adoptive families today. This is why I want to champion Adoption UK’s campaigns and help to persuade decision-makers across the UK to give all adoptive families the right to timely and appropriate support.”

Nicky Campbell OBE

Broadcaster and adoptee Nicky Campbell OBE has also agreed to become an Adoption UK ambassador.

Nicky CampbellNicky, co host of ITV’s Long Lost Family, helped Adoption UK to gain high-profile media coverage after agreeing to be interviewed by various media, including BBC Scotland and The Sunday Times, on the opening day of Scotland’s first ever adoption week in November 2016.

Nicky, who also presents BBC Radio 5 Live’s breakfast show, said: “Adoption has changed dramatically since I was adopted as a baby but I know how it can be a hugely transformative experience for both children and their families. I’m incredibly grateful to my adoptive parents who selflessly took me in as their own and provided a loving and stable family home.

Nicky is also proud to support the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. Nicky sees his two ‘causes’ - adoption and conservation - as inextricably linked, because they are both about a better future and a better world. Click here to watch a film that Nicky helped to produce for the elephant orphanage.

Shona White

The third celebrity to become an ambassador for Adoption UK is the actress and singer Shona White.

Shona White

Shona, who is an adoptee, has had starring roles in West End shows, including Chess, Wicked, Les Miserables, Shout, Mamma Mia and Rocky Horror.

Shona said: "I was very flattered to be asked to become an ambassador for the charity. As an adoptee it is a subject very close to my heart so if I can help Adoption UK to keep offering the support that the charity provides to families, then I will be honoured to do so."

My parents are wonderful and are my 'real parents' full stop!

Shona continued: "I am very lucky as I've always known I was adopted because Mum and Dad told me from a very young age. My parents are wonderful and are my 'real parents' full stop! It is something I am proud of and what an incredible thing for them to have done. They have been a constant support to me no matter what, which is just what all parents do for their kids right? I always felt special and chosen," she added.

It is vitally important for charities like Adoption UK to have high-profile ambassadors as they help us to attract finances, offer moral support to our campaigns and help to influence and educate the wider-world about the challenges facing today's adoptive families.

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