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  • Adoption and Social Networking

    Posted by Online Team on 16.03.17

    The film Lion, released earlier this year, powerfully demonstrates the incredible power of the internet when it comes to finding places and people you thought were lost.

  • Adoption and Education

    Posted by Online Team on 26.02.16

    Posted on behalf of @GayAdoptionDad I am not sure what possessed me, or whether I just have a natural ability to not use the word "No", but I agreed to speak to a large group of Prospective Adopters, Adopters, Educational specialists and Virtual School Heads on behalf of my dear friend Gareth Marr.

  • The Changing World of Adoption

    Posted by Hugh Thornbery on 11.09.15

    There have been, over time, a number of closures and mergers in the voluntary adoption sector but none in my memory have caused the shockwaves that have followed the closure of BAAF.

  • In it for the long haul?

    Posted by monty on 10.04.15

    Can Daisy possibly be in Year 6 - and can she possibly be going to "big school" in September

  • 'Birth Mum?'

    Posted by clowny14 on 30.10.14

    During the summer of 2013 I gave 'birth' to the most perfect baby...

  • Am I a Mum Yet

    Posted by clowny14 on 29.10.14

    The first time we met our daughter in the summer of 2013 we couldn't find her, using my best well pitched mummy voice I wondered where she was. Suddenly from behind the sofa a big pair of eyes and a toothy smile emerged. Climbing out of her safe place our Sweetpea gave my husband a cuddle looked at me then... IGNORED ME!