Eddy Feels at Home/ Eddy Finds a Family

Eddy Finds a Family is the first in a series, which takes the sensitive and emotional subject of adoption and makes it fun and engaging for children to enjoy. Flossy and Frank Flamingo are unable to have a chick of their own. Eddy Emu is in foster care and in need of a loving home. A charming and engaging story about adoption that follows their journey as they find each other and become a family. 

Eddy Feels at Home is the second book in the series that gives children a real insight into adoption. Flossy and Frank Flamingo are excited to be parents. Eddy Emu is moving in with his mummy and daddy. Follow this wonderful new family on their emotional journey as they get to know one another, learn more about adoption and settle into their home together.

The special edition signed hardbacks can be bought separately for £11.99 or there is a special package discount of £22 for both.

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