Adoption UK welcomes today’s announcement by the Department for Education that it is investing £4 million in a bid to transform the education and outcomes of children in alternative provision. Nine schemes across the country are to benefit from the funding.

This follows a report by the Education Select Committee last month which criticised the quality of education that children in alternative provision are receiving, warning of a “Wild West” approach. Evidence shows children educated in alternative provision are less likely to achieve good GCSE grades and are less likely to be in education, employment or training post-16.

Adopted children are 20 times more likely to be excluded from mainstream school than their peers, and so are more likely to be over-represented in alternative provision. In a recent report, Bridging the Gap, Adoption UK identifies significant gaps in understanding, empathy and resources in mainstream schools that are preventing adopted children from having an equal chance to succeed at school.

Becky White, the report’s author, said: “This announcement is good news for some of the UK’s most vulnerable children. But obviously it’s not going to bridge the gap for all children with additional needs who have had to leave mainstream education. We also need to make sure the schemes that are funded are going to support adopted children, who have experienced significant trauma and are likely to be over-represented in alternative provision.”