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About Adoption UK

We are the leading charity providing support, awareness and understanding for those parenting or supporting children who cannot live with their birth parents. Read more


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Adopted Children’s Experiences of School -The Results Are In - Research Findings April 2014

We surveyed over 1,500 adopters parenting 2,101 children about their experience of the education system in the UK. Read more

Adopter Voice

AdopterVoice is a new way to get your voice heard. Read more

Adopter Voice - Adopter Advisory Board (AAB) Chairperson

The AAB This truly is two-way engagement and communication between families and leaders to improve practice and services. Read more

Adopter Voice - Adopter Advisory Board (AAB) Champion

This role will be suited to an adoptive parent who is familiar with current adoption issues, and has excellent report writing skills to create opportunities for adoptive parents to be included and share their Adopter Voice. Read more