People choose to adopt for many different reasons.

Some arrive at adoption following experiences of infertility and for some, adoption is their first choice for starting or extending their family.

For prospective adopters and the children waiting for new families, adoption transforms lives.

Each year in England alone there are around 4,000 children waiting in foster care, unable to live with their birth families. Many are older children, sibling groups who need to be placed together or children with disabilities.

These children have had unsettled starts in life and all will have experienced some form of loss by being taken into care.

Many will have also sadly experienced abuse and/or neglect.

Adopted children's early experiences mean they can often struggle with relationships and day-to-day life. Although this can present certain challenges, being an adoptive parent is also hugely rewarding and provides the stable, understanding and loving homes these children need.

Due to the numbers of children waiting, more adopters are greatly needed.

And as the children come from all types of backgrounds, adoptive parents from all backgrounds are required, too.

If you would like to transform a child's life and feel adoption could be for you, please visit for further information.

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