How did you become involved with adoption and Adoption UK?

I applied to become a member of the Adoption UK Board to complement my social work knowledge and practice in respect of children and their families, and to inform my more recent role as independent chair of adoption panels.

Having spent over 30 years in children’s social work, both in statutory and independent agencies, I wished to get an informed perspective, both from adopters and adoptees, through the work of Adoption UK. 

Any specific skills or areas of expertise relevant to the work of Adoption UK?

I have more than 30 years’ experience of social work with children, young people and their families both in a statutory and voluntary setting. My chairing of adoption panels is particularly relevant to the work of Adoption UK. I can therefore bring an understanding of social work and agency practice to the Board, whilst being able to influence adoption practice from my learning of the experiences of adopters and their children from Adoption UK’s work.

How do you want to see Adoption UK develop over the next five years?

I am interested in using adopters’ experiences to inform the process of adoption at all levels, from recruitment and preparation to the challenges of parenting and to explore ways of influencing social work practice to improve the outcomes for adopted children and their parents.