For prospective adopters, Children Who Wait online is easy to use, search and navigate around.

On the Children Who Wait online home page is a search function titled Profiles.

Use the drop-down menus on this page to narrow the search to look for children who meet a prospective adopter's criteria. The results will appear automatically below the drop-down menus showing a thumbnail image of the children who meet the search criteria, together with their name and age.

Clicking on the thumbnail image opens the child's profile page where there is detailed information about the selected child including a description of the child and additional images and video if available.

If prospective adopters are interested to know more about a child or sibling group, they can click on the 'Request More Information' button on the right-hand side of the child's profile which will open the 'Request More Information' box.

A form will appear for the prospective adopter to complete including their name, email address, telephone number, social worker contact details and location. There is also a message box allowing prospective adopters to provide any relevant information the child's social worker may need to know.

Once this form has been completed, clicking on the send request button will send it directly the Children Who Wait team who will then send it on to the social worker.