How did you become involved with Adoption UK?

Having seen the advertisement for new trustees, I began to research the subject of adoption and was astonished to learn of the level of inequality suffered by adopted children and their adoptive parents compared to children in care and living with their birth families. I was also disappointed to see how comparatively few children within the care system were given the opportunity of adoption into a loving, caring and stable family environment.

I felt my professional background in finance and senior management together with my knowledge of public service at both national and local level could help Adoption UK with their work to improve these issues, and was delighted to be invited to join the Board of Trustees.

Any specific skills or areas of expertise relevant to the work of Adoption UK?

As a retired accountant I am comfortable with finance issues large and small, and have a strong background in financial planning aimed at supporting an organisation’s strategic plan. Having been a local authority chief executive for over twelve years, I have a wide range of knowledge, skills and experiences which could be helpful especially in the strategic and financial planning together with the campaigning and lobbying aspects of Adoption UK’s work.

How do you want to see Adoption UK develop over the next five years?

With the coalition government now beginning to prioritise adoption issues within the care system, I would like to see Adoption UK grow to assist many more adopted children and their new families, and also to strengthen its role in influencing legislative changes using its unique bank of knowledge to ensure changes are truly for the benefit of adoptees and adopters.