The strong advice from all UK governments is that, wherever possible and safe, children should be kept at home.  

In all nations of the UK, provision has been made for ‘vulnerable children’ to attend school where necessary. This includes children with significant additional support needs and higher level special educational needs (those with an EHC Plan in England) and children with ongoing social services involvement. Adopted children are not specifically mentioned in the ‘vulnerable children’ category in any of the guidance. 

In England, children with an EHC plan are eligible, and schools are advised to carry out risk assessments on a case-by-case basis for children with EHCPs.

The guidance also gives schools the flexibility to “support other children who are vulnerable where they are able to do so.”In the updated version of the guidance (published 19th April 2020), this section was amended to specifically include children on the edge of care, adopted children and young carers (see paragraph 5.1, here:

In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, similar provision is being made for children who are considered ‘vulnerable’.  

Obviously the children of key workers and those whose safety is at risk must come first when prioritising provision in school. Wknow that this situation will place many adoptive families under considerable pressure. Ware in discussions with government about the impact of the Corona measures on adoptive families, and what additional support can be made available.