To celebrate 20 years of helping families heal, Family Futures is holding a conference on 'Assessing and Treating Developmentally Traumatised Children' and would like to invite Adoption UK members to attend. Aimed at social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, teachers and anyone involved in helping children who are looked after or adopted, the conference will be held on 19 October at The Crystal, London. 
An exciting combination of presentations led by keynote speaker Colwyn Trevarthen, and afternoon workshops will explore key aspects of working with developmentally traumatised children including the latest research evidence on the outcomes for children who have/have not received a multidisciplinary, neurosequential treatment package. 
There will be opportunities to network and discuss how services can be improved in the light of what we now know and to explore the implications for family placement services, foster carers, adoptive parents and schools who are caring for developmentally traumatised children.
A special rate of £135 for Adoption UK members who quote their membership number and book before 31 July applies.
(Full price £180