Adoption UK - 50th Anniversary

Adoption UK is 50! 

50 is a big milestone, and an opportunity to pause, reflect and plan for the futureFor 50 years we have supported, advocated, championed and been there for adoptive families around the UK.

Today our cause is as clear and compelling as ever; to secure the right support at the right time for the children at the heart of every adoptive and kinship care family.  

For Adoption UK, this all began in 1971, when Elvis Presley and The Jackson 5 were in the charts, a gallon of petrol was 33p and two adopters starting running a voluntary organisation from their homes, for adopted children with special needsAdoption has changed a lot since then, and so have we. 

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Throughout our 50th year, we will be introducing 50 people with their own unique adoption stories.  

Not just adopters and adopted people – also friends, teachers and social workers whose lives have been touched by adoption. Powerful stories from every day people and those in the public eye, birth parents and kinship carers, grandparents and youth workers. It’s surprising how close we all are to someone with an adoption story. When you stop to think, is there one in your life?  

If you would like to share your adoption story with us email [email protected]  


MackenzieMackenzie who lives in Scotland, is days away from being 11.  He arrived in his adoptive family aged 3, along with his 7 year old brother.

“I have an annoying older brother and a nice older half brother and a mum and a dad and a dog called Dot and a cat called Lily.  Dot is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. 

We got Dot nearly 3 years ago. Mum and Dad said we were going to pick up a parcel. Then we went into someone’s back garden and we saw a woman holding three puppies and Dad said, ‘Do you want one of them to take home?’  I said, ‘It’s not a parcel!’. 

I remember on the day I went to live with my forever family we were sat in the car and Mum and Dad were talking to my foster family and I said, ‘Can we go now?’. Mum was wearing a jean dress and a santa hat and she gave us some cat treats to give to Lily.  

I like dressing up, Lego and TikTok and YouTubers like Miranda Sings. I like Lemony Snicket stories.  My favourite movies are the Descendants movies and The Wizard of Oz. I like bike riding and playing with Dot.

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if different people had adopted us. Sometimes I wonder what my birth Dad is doing and where he is.  Sometimes I worry in case he will find us. At school I find things a bit more difficult than other people. Sometimes I struggle to hold things back and I say things without thinking. 

If Mum and Dad hadn’t adopted us, me and my brother would have been split up and I wouldn’t have met my best friend Hannah. I love my Mum and Dad very much.  I also got a new Granny and Grandad and uncles and cousins. I have a much better life now.”

More unique adoption stories will be added here over the coming weeks - make sure you check back.