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  • Adoption and Education

    Posted by Online Team on 26.02.16

    Posted on behalf of @GayAdoptionDad I am not sure what possessed me, or whether I just have a natural ability to not use the word "No", but I agreed to speak to a large group of Prospective Adopters, Adopters, Educational specialists and Virtual School Heads on behalf of my dear friend Gareth Marr.

  • The Changing World of Adoption

    Posted by Hugh Thornbery on 11.09.15

    There have been, over time, a number of closures and mergers in the voluntary adoption sector but none in my memory have caused the shockwaves that have followed the closure of BAAF.

  • In it for the long haul?

    Posted by monty on 10.04.15

    Can Daisy possibly be in Year 6 - and can she possibly be going to "big school" in September

  • 'Birth Mum?'

    Posted by clowny14 on 30.10.14

    During the summer of 2013 I gave 'birth' to the most perfect baby...

  • Am I a Mum Yet

    Posted by clowny14 on 29.10.14

    The first time we met our daughter in the summer of 2013 we couldn't find her, using my best well pitched mummy voice I wondered where she was. Suddenly from behind the sofa a big pair of eyes and a toothy smile emerged. Climbing out of her safe place our Sweetpea gave my husband a cuddle looked at me then... IGNORED ME!